A excellent and action packed introduction to the sport, consisting of learning how to fly a two-line trainer kite on the beach, allowing the student to understand the wind-window and general art of kite flying.

The 4-line leading edge inflatable kites for the water are slightly more complex, therefore the student will be ran through set-up and safety systems before hitting the water!

The most fun starts on the water, our aim to try to and nail the basic kite flying and get to a point where you are body dragging – this is kitesurfing without the board – Confident with the kite and ready for the Second Lesson.

LESSON 2 – THE NEXT STEP ON THE WATER - 2 hours / $220

Time to get wet, the student will be taught how to Body Drag which is using the kite to propel yourself through the water. Great learning curve and the most fun until you put the board on.

There are 3 Body Drags – Downwind, Crosswind & Upwind. All very important skills to learn as when your board comes off you will need to get it back.

A board will be on hand in the second lesson so if progression is fast the student can try board starts.

LESSON 3 – BOARD STARTS & SKILLS – 2 hours / $220

Ready for the board!

The third lesson will consist of learning how get up and riding, safely and in control.

Once up and riding we will teach you edging techniques and how to ride upwind.

If progression is fast we can teach toe-side riding, carving turns and even the fundamentals to your first jump.

ZERO TO HERO COURSE – 6 hour / $600

If you’re wanting to get into kitesurfing properly, then the Zero to Hero is the perfect option.

After dealing with various conditions and situations in your Zero to Hero course you will be at a level where you will be confident to go to the beach with own gear and practice.

Also saving $50 by booking 3 lessons instead of doing them separately.

ADVANCED LESSONS – 1 hour / $95

Once up and riding upwind both ways comfortably and looking to do your first jumps to un-hooked freestyle tricks.

Hone in skills to progress your riding to the next level.

GROUP LESSONS - 2 hours / $140 per person

Learning with friends can be great fun. We teach up to groups of 4.

You do not get, as long on the kite, as you would in a 1-1 lesson.