The Kite Spot

Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing Kite Spot

The kite school is located on the north shore of Anegada, with white sandy coast lines, crystal clear waters & sheltered provided by the world's fourth largest Great Barrier Reef. This offers us a variety of conditions right at our finger tips - waist deep water perfect for teaching, flat water spots for freestyle & waves breaking over the outer reef for the experienced wave riders.

Perfect Wind Conditions
The wind is cross onshore (NE) coming straight off the ocean making it smooth with no big gusts. 

Long White Sand Beach
Unlimited space for kite set up, launching and landing. The layout of our beach allows first time kiters to start their lessons in the sand before making their way into the water for a efficient and smooth learning curve. 

Waist Depth Water
We have access to waist depth water and no waves breaking inside the reef, which makes for comfortable conditions to learn & practice your kiting.
On the spot Accommodation

Our kite school is based at the stunning Anegada Beach Club. Their luxury palapa's are a stone throw away from the beach and hotel rooms 200 yards away. 

Restaurant, Beach Bar & Spa
Anegada Beach Club offer's a fresh menu with local dishes & healthy options to fuel your kiting. They're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The beach bar is located next to the kite school (how convenient!) & open for happy hour daily. There is WiFi on site to keep you connected. Oh, and if you're looking to wind down post session you can book into the spa for a massage.

Wave Kiting

The Horseshoe reef which wraps around the North side of Anegada is the fourth largest barrier coral reef in the world.  Waves break on the outer reef which make it a wave kiting dream. 10 minutes ride upwind from the kite school and you will find a channel you can get through the reef. Wave kiting is for experienced wave kiters only. 

Wild Life
We are lucky enough to be surrounds by so much beautiful wildlife in Anegada, while you're kiting you'll be sure to see rays, spotted eagle rays, turtles & fish swimming by. Our salt pond's are home to many flamingos, be sure to go check them out while you're here. Not to mention the many cows, donkeys & goats that roam free over the island. 

Kite Excursions
- Windlass Downwinders
- Cow Wreck Downwinders
- South Side Downwinders